Our Impact

The Go Big Small Biz Network mobilizes an entire community to take action against government overreach to create a positive operating environment for small businesses. In conjunction with Government Relations, who are on the ground at the Harrisburg Capitol, we monitor all proposed legislation and regulations. The team Educates our network on its impact and mobilizes them to take action. Our combined voice influences decisions that impact small businesses and creates lasting change.

Small businesses are the engine of the US economy. Pennsylvania alone is home to 1.1M small businesses making up 99.6 percent of all businesses in the Commonwealth. The past few years have created an impact like no other time in our history. The greatest transfer of wealth occurred with nearly $3.4 T transitioning out of the hands of small businesses to the elite and nearly 26 percent were forced to close their doors. It is time for small businesses to unite and mobilize or risk extinction.

Our key differentiator is that we leverage marketing by communicating what’s going on in the State Government and using traditional media to get the word out. Our strategy focuses exclusively on the issues that impact small businesses, exposes the truth and gives a Big Voice to Small Businesses. Our efforts are funded by supporters, like you. 


Giving Small Business
The Freedom to Thrive

Our efforts focus on promoting pro-small business policies and regulations and against any newly proposed or already enacted policy that is harmful to the business climate. To maximize our effectiveness, we teamed up with best-in-class partners for governmental affairs, lobbying, public relations and marketing. The powerful combination of their expertise and our Go Big Small Biz Network will give you and your business boots on the ground to leverage relationships with our elected and appointed officials.

The lobbyists will represent Pennsylvania’s small businesses in educating and influencing Senators, Representatives, the Governor’s Administration and state agencies to not only combat policies that hurt small businesses but support policies that promote flexibility, stability and growth. Creating lasting change and building a positive operating environment gives small businesses the freedom to thrive.

Change is created by activating an entire community of people joining our network, taking action and voicing their position on bad policy, which ultimately influences the regulatory and legislative outcomes.

Why Advocacy?

Every Voice Matters

There is power in creating a network focused on issues facing small businesses. Joining the Go Big Small Biz Network leverages your voice through unified action.


Mobilizing our Network

Sharing information on proposed policies and legislation along with our strategy in real-time mobilizes our network. With a few simple clicks, members are able to engage with their elected officials and have their voices heard.

The collective action of our network magnifies the voice of a single constituent 30-fold influencing lasting change.

Educating to Influence Change

Real change is a result of a unified voice using simple tools to create a collective message. 

Legislative Awareness

Members receive information on legislation that is harmful to their ability to do business

Communication Tools

Take action and communicate your opinion easily with a click and submit tool

Business Tools

Marketing campaign designed to support small business and encourage consumers to buy local

Roundtable Events

Member roundtables with legislators to discuss issues and the solutions needed to create a positive operating environment for small business

Why Educate?

Information Is the Foundation

Educating small business and the community is the first step in taking action. Joining the Go Big Small Biz Network puts information and tools at your fingertips to influence lasting change.


A Big Voice For Small Business

Protecting and promoting the interests of Pennsylvania’s small businesses includes mobilizing the community. Our media initiatives will communicate what’s going on in the government and promote a Shop Local Buy Local to the public.

Simply stated, economics show when you buy from a local retailer, restaurant or service provider, every dollar you spend turns into three dollars in your local economy.

Why Communicate?

Bringing Issues To Light

Bringing awareness to the public on the issues facing small business is the first step to change. A unified voice can then leverage its single voice to impact change for a positive small business environment in Pennsylvania.

Ongoing Marketing Strategy


Join the Movement