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Happy Thanksgiving Day

We’ve been busy. As we close the year we have seen 19 Representatives, 4 Senators and 2 Congressman, gone to committee hearings, and been to several speaking engagements. We were in 2 podcasts, spoke on RJ Harris a few times and visited and shopped at many small businesses.

Our organization grew. We currently have Brian Brooks our Business Devlopment Director and Dennis Marburger Go Big advocate. In addition, we added 3 more to our team. Sherri Chippo, DJ Keiser and John Roy. All have extensive work experience and influence in their communities. We have more room to grow so if you are a self starter, well connected in your local community and have a passion for saving small businesses and seeing them thrive, we would love to talk.

We are currently tracking 20 bills that are detrimental and supportive of small business. While you are working your business, Go Big is walking the halls of the Capital making our passion for small business known.

Our social media presence grew exponentially on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. X is also growing.

We are partnering with Chambers of Commerce and welcome our most recent partnership Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber.

Just as little as 2 years ago, Go Big Small Biz Network was just an idea. Thanks to a few good friend’s financial support we were able to make it into reality. We are looking for more that support our passion to prevent government overreach and see our small businesses thrive.

Please JOIN and support our efforts.

-Tracey Wakeen

Have you seen us on a billboard travelling the state?

We have several from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.

Why the Go Big Small Biz Network Exists

The Go Big Small Biz Network exists to prevent government overreach into Small Businesses – it’s our mission and continued passion. As many of our state legislators and elected officials are writing legislation that is harmful to small businesses, our purpose is to influence change for the benefit of small businesses. The work we are doing is critical to the future of our country’s economy and our local communities. By protecting small businesses we are protecting employees who rely on the success of small businesses.

Our Network is Gaining Traction

We are growing! Since launching in February of 2023, we currently have over 300 businesses and individuals in our mobilized and take action network along with over 900 following our social media channels

Join the Movement Today

A few of our State Representatives, Senators and Congressman Who Support Our Mission:

  • Congressman Smucker

  • Senator Rothman


  • Jill Cooper

  • Joseph D’Orsie

  • Torren Eckert

  • Tom Jones

  • Ann Flood

  • Rob Mercuri

  • Dave Zimmerman

  • Sheryl Delozier

  • Valerie Gaydos

Join our Networks, Subscription Membership, and Social Networks 

Go to and join for just $19/mo. Your subscription will get you:

  • Easy to understand Legislative updates that impact your business

  • Easy to mobilize and take action with the network opposing bills that are harmful to small businesses with a single “click” that sends a prewritten (editable if you prefer) letter that will go to your district’s Representative and/or Senator

  • Direct access via, phone, email, or text to your legislators via our website

  • Representation of your business on Capitol Hill directly from the Founders, Advocates, and Government affairs team of the Go Big Small Biz Network

Our leverage to influence change legislation comes from what the collective of YOU and the total Network brings to the mission. Join the movement today because as a mobilized network, we can make a difference and influence state government legislation.

Who Can Join and How?

Anyone can join our Network. You don’t have to be a small business owner to be a part of our network. Your voice in your community is just as important and needs to be heard. When you join as a business or an individual you are supporting small businesses in your community. So, what can you do:

  • Go to and join now. It is an easy process and will take about three minutes.

  • Invite your Facebook network to our Facebook page. Go to our Facebook home page, follow us, and click on the three dots to invite your network to join us, even if they are out of state  This will help to grow our social media network which will help to build our Subscription Network to create more leverage and influence change.

The work of the Go Big Small Biz Network team is important in influencing change for the better for small businesses but it’s critical to the future of our state and country’s economy. In Pennsylvania, 99% of the businesses are considered small. When combined with other states, small businesses drive 46% of our nation’s economy. Since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, 26% of small businesses had to close their doors because of government overreach, mandates, and shutdowns. We are here to prevent that from happening again and need your support to continue building the momentum we have established in a very short period.

Join the Movement Today
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