Meeting with RJ Harris WHP 580

Jeff and Tracey joined RJ Harris of WHP580 to discuss the impact of the Go Big Small Biz Network ahead of the radio ad campaign launching later this week.


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December News and Updates

We’ve been busy. As we close the year we have seen 19 Representatives, 4 Senators and 2 Congressman, gone to committee hearings, and been to several speaking engagements. We were in 2 podcasts, spoke on RJ Harris a few times and visited and shopped at many small businesses.

November News and Updates

In this Issue:

– Why the Go Big Small Biz Network exists

– Our network is gaining traction

– Top bills and legislation the Go Big Small Biz team is tracking

– A partial list of support from our State Representatives and Senators

– Join our Network, Subscription Membership, social media and Newsletter

– Who can Join our Network and how

We are unifying and mobilizing the power of an entrepreneur network to give a Big Voice to Small Business.