Protecting the Future of Small Business

Protecting the Future of Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of any economy, providing employment opportunities, fostering innovation, and contributing to local communities. In Pennsylvania, 99% of all businesses are considered to be small. Therefore, it is essential to question the extent to which state governments should be involved in regulating and interfering with their operations. State government involvement can have detrimental effects, including stifling entrepreneurial spirit, hampering economic growth, and impeding the efficiency and dynamism that characterizes the small business sector. 

An overabundance of regulations can have detrimental effects on small businesses. These burdensome regulations can create barriers for small businesses to function, as their time and resources are spent away from activities that would otherwise drive their business to success.

These regulations, which are often broad in nature, lack an exhibited understanding of the small business sector of the economy from the lawmakers who support them. When state governments institute one-size-fits-all regulations, this presents a major risk to the growth potential of small businesses. This is one reason why it is vital for lawmakers to be educated and conscientious about legislation affecting everyone, not just the big box stores. 

Major economic change happens when small businesses are forced to shut their doors, sometimes after years of business, because they cannot handle or accommodate the regulations that state governments enforce. Just as nearly 26% of small businesses in Pennsylvania were forced to shut their doors over the past several years, the same fate could be at hand for other small businesses.

The importance of small businesses cannot be overstated. Excessive regulation, lack of market understanding, and negative economic impacts are all potential consequences of government overreach, and something must be done! The Go Big Small Biz Network wants to educate lawmakers and the public alike about the importance of small businesses and protecting the right for small business owners to run their businesses freely.

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